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My caricature style is fun! There’s wit in them thar lines: a lot of humor is naturally built into my work. I nail the likeness! No one aces every caricature, but I'm good at what I do. A forever favor! Caricatures are personal and saved forever. What other favor can you say that about? I’m entertaining! I've been called a standup comic who sits – something of a cartoon myself. Your event lives on and on! People always recall where and when they got their caricatures: “I still have one from ‘So-and-So’s’ whatever.” You too can be “So-and-So” and your event can be “whatever!” I’m flexible! Concerned little kids won't sit well? Need groups drawn as well as singles? How ever you need your drawings, I get the job done. I’m creative! Surprises make it fun for you, your guests and for me, so I improvise to please the kids, the adults and even the overgrown kids. It’s different! I hear it all the time – guests telling their hosts, “Caricatures – What a great idea!” Professional! I've been through the caricature wars and not much phases me. Damn the torpedoes, full sketch ahead! People skills! No one's clobbered me yet – not even one of the kids. I must be doing something right. Spontaneity! Out of the minds of party caricaturists come the coolest things. Truly an experience! A great and fun arts exposure for all. Cost-efficient! Combining entertainment and favors saves cash! The light of the party! Caricatures are a great way to loosen up events that are typically very structured. It’s fascinating! Watching a caricature artist in action is cool!. Guests love to watch faces, bodies and fun stuff appear before their eyes. All you may need! Joe's Caricatures can carry the party alone – for quiet or simple gatherings, perhaps – or be an important cog in a full-fledged event entertainment machine. Satisfaction! I don’t really get complaints, surprisingly (unlike the rest of real life), and my testimonials are real. Smiles, smiles, smiles! My flattering caricatures bring out the best in your guests. Universal appeal! Just for kids!? No way! Some of the best events are where the elders and near-elders go caricature crazy! I get around! Whether your party is in the Long Island-New York City area, New Jersey, Connecticut or "The Great Beyond," you can have the quick art and quick wit of Joe's Caricatures at your event.

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The nice thing about being a caricaturist in a busy area like the Long Island and NYC-metro region is the variety of interesting jobs to encounter. And it's all for making people happy. "Honest work," one subject called it.

I got an email from a Mexican gent named Jose who was coming to New York City with Daniela, his girlfriend, and wanted my help with his plan for a unique marriage proposal. A great idea and it appealed to my inner sneak besides. A perfect match, I figured.

So I met the couple at Central Park's Bow Bridge "by chance," acting as a park caricature artist and "convinced" Jose to allow me to draw their caricatures. I handed Daniela the art and her jaw dropped, and Jose dropped to one knee and she started crying, and there wasn't a dry eye in Central Park. Joggers, horses, cops they all cried with joy too. Sorta…

For the record, she said, "Yes." Whew! I just know it was my caricature proposal drawing that put her over the top. Jose was also smart enough to hire photography "adventurer" Laura Pennace to record the moment. She did a great job, as the photos below confirm:

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