Sometimes we caricaturists are asked to do unusual jobs, but this was as different as they get.

I was asked by a NYC video production company to be the artist who sits inside the doghouse-sized compartment of a mock computer printer for a Konica Minolta video. The concept was that kids would come up and talk to me (The Dream Printer), tell me their dream in life, and we'd chat a bit and then they'd be surprised when a caricature of the dream pops out. It's not so different from what I do at parties, except there's more space for working. A lot more!

The setup was unusual to say the least: I worked on a seat mounted to the floor with my knees up there was precious little leg room – and a small drawing board on my legs. The box and I were wired to the hilt, with cameras, lights, microphones, an earpiece, control boxes and a viewing screen to draw my subjects from. Outside, the kids would hear my voice through a processor that made it sound cartoony.

All told, I was in there about 6-7 hours, sketching and bantering away with the kids, waiting out technical interruptions, and being thankfully sheltered from a sudden rainstorm. I was asked to draw on A4 international size paper (a small and narrow 8.3 x 11.7 inches) in all markers not my preferred materials for various reasons, but I endured.

The "printer" was set up in a Long Island City park on the East River with a terrific view of the Manhattan skyline, and in I went. Needless to say, it was an interesting day. When I finally finished and got out of the booth, the crew all applauded. Who knew I did something right?

We've gone pretty viral with this, with millions of viewers and high praise for the positivity of the message. Below are the links to a video of the making of this event, the event itself and to photos of the kids and my artwork. In a strange way, it was fun. Enjoy:

To see the photos and artwork from the event, click here.

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An online video commercial for a SNL-MasterCard collaboration needed me to draw the "good date" caricature you see Taran Killam "creating" for his lucky companion. I do not, however, lay claim to the piece Bobby Moynihan used to help sabotage the day for his poor "winner:" Home of Joe’s Caricatures by Joe Vissichelli

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